How to Find the Right Tutoring Program

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As colleges increasingly suffer from inadequate funding and rely more on standardized test scores and high school grades to determine admission eligibility, it’s important that students attain the academic skills to get the grades and test scores that give them an edge. Academic tutoring is a proven way to give students the tools they need to succeed.

Academic tutoring is the ideal way to bolster fundamentals and provide individualized academic support. A traditional classroom doesn’t work for some students. Distractions, disruptions and personalities make it difficult for some. Others fall behind due to an illness or family emergency. Whatever the cause, some students miss learning the fundamentals and fall even farther behind.
Academic tutoring offers an individualized approach to bolster skills, build fundamentals and give students the solid foundation they need to excel.

 Academic Tutoring Advantages

The personal academic tutoring approach is one of the most effective ways to discover weaknesses and shore up on fundamentals. Successful tutoring programs address the needs of each student. Students and tutors learn to work together in a relaxed, focused environment without the typical large-classroom disruptions. Many tutors hold advanced degrees in their subjects and many cover more material than teachers in a classroom setting.

Academic tutoring
programs foster self-confidence. As students learn fundamentals and begin to solve problems on their own, they become more confident in their abilities.
Confidence leads to a greater willingness to learn and do more.

Tutoring can also give students a boost when it comes to higher ACT and SAT scores. Because tutoring programs are geared toward the individual student, educational gaps are readily identified and addressed. Competitive scores give students more school choices and increases eligibility for grants, scholarships and financial aid.

Finding the Right Academic Tutoring Program

There are several different approaches to academic tutoring. The private, in-home tutor is ideal for students who feel more comfortable in their own homes and have a quiet place to meet. Professional tutoring agencies typically offer both private tutoring and specialized classroom tutoring. The best agencies gear programs toward the individual regardless of the setting. Many communities offer academic tutoring programs for students in lower-economic brackets.
Before hiring a tutor or placing a student in a tutoring program, check the credentials and background of the tutor or agency. If possible, speak with former students.

It’s imperative that high school students have a strong academic foundation for the future. Academic weaknesses and gaps must be addressed before taking the ACT and SAT. Because colleges and universities are facing monetary shortfalls, high college entrance exam scores figure prominently in admission decisions. Participating in an academic tutoring program geared toward taking the ACT or SAT is an excellent way to strengthen weaknesses before taking the exam.

Tutoring has benefits for the younger crowd as well. In fact, the basis for ongoing education starts at the elementary school level. Early learning experiences influence children for the rest of their lives. Catching and addressing problems at a young age not only helps students achieve academically, but it can also lead to a life-long love of learning.

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