An Outstanding School for a New Career

Education in a career such as cosmetology, esthetics (skin care), hair design, nail technology, and makeup artistry is often rather more complicated than expected by the average high school graduate. Attending a school to prepare for this type of career is a big step in both education and expense for the student and their family. Knowledge of quality and trust in the ability of the school and its instructors to adequately help prepare you for this field of endeavor is important.

There are a number of things to look for when choosing a school of beauty. First, the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences (NACCAS) should accredit the school and the particular state’s Board of Cosmetology should further accredit it. This assures that the license a student will acquire at the end of their successful completion of the educational course will qualify them to work in the state of their choice.

Secondly, individuals should examine the statistics for students who begin the program and subsequently complete it in a timely fashion, reaching the goal for which they are preparing. A school with a low percentage of students graduating may have difficulties teaching and retaining students for one reason or other. If over 60% of students beginning programs drop out, a warning sign should appear in your mind.

Thirdly, see if the school has Federal Financial Aid available as well as a placement program to help students obtain jobs once they have achieved their license. This does not absolutely guarantee a job, but increases the possibility of acquiring one after graduation.

You will find that marinello Las Vegas reviews indicate that the Marinello Schools of Beauty in Las Vegas meets all of these criteria. In brief, they are:

Accredited by the NACCAS
Accredited by the State of Nevada’s Board of Cosmetology
Over half of the students beginning their program (51%) complete it
Federal Financial Aid is available for those who qualify – in addition to various grants and scholarships
Student Placement for those who achieve their license is available on campus

Furthermore, every detail of the programs offered, their cost, the terms of education, and what students may expect is transparent in this school’s literature. Take a look at the information to help you choose an excellent school.

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