5 Reasons You Should Do Israel Patent Search

No matter if you are an inventor and you have decided to patent an invention under the Israel Patent Law, or if you are simply curious about the in-depth details of a particular project, a thorough israel patent search can help you find everything you need. Having said that, here are the top 5 reasons why you should do this search:

1. You Understand The Process A Lot Better

By searching for patents on your own, you will understand the entire process quicker and more efficiently – you will find it a lot easier to write your own patent application and you will also get a deeper insight into your field of invention. Otherwise stated, you will see who are your main competitors and what are their inventions, and this will help you prevent patent infringement in the long haul.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

This is another notable reason that you should not ignore – no matter if you do the Israel patent search yourself or if you will hire somebody to do it for you, conducting this research before you submit your application will certainly save you some money.

After all, there is an application fee that you need to pay, and the sum is usually not neglectable, therefore unless money is not a real issue for you, it is highly recommended to “do your homework” when it comes to patents. It is important to remember that this particular fee is non-refundable, meaning that once you have paid the application fee, you will not receive the money back regardless of the circumstances! This is why it is better to be safe than sorry.

At the same time, there are numerous patent professionals that offer free consultations in the field – they explain you everything you need to know, so why not take advantage of this aspect?

3. You Can Save Time

An Israel patent search can also turn out to be a very time-effective choice. It is a known fact that once you submit your patent application, you need to wait up to 18 months until it is rejected or approved, mainly because there are thousands of other inventions waiting in line before you. Under these circumstances, it is better to do some research before you apply, as this will maximize your chances of having your project approved. A good search can help you understand the potential objections that the Israel Patent Office may raise against the patentability of your invention.

4. You Increase Your Chances To Succeed

Another essential reason why Israel patent search is so important for inventors is that it can help you see whether your idea/invention has already been patented. There are tens of millions of inventions patented all around the world, therefore the chances are that somebody has applied for a patent before you did. Despite the fact that less than 2% of the patents are commercialized, this will still help you avoid a lawsuit for patent infringement.

5. You Can Identify And Address The Weak Points Of Your Invention

Last, but certainly not least, a patent search can help you compare your invention to similar inventions that have already been patented, so you can identify and address the weak points of your product. This will allow you to improve your invention and turn it into a state-of-the-art product that is likely to go viral once you start commercializing it. At the same time, you can see whether continuing with the patent process is truly a practical choice, and if there is enough market demand for you to go on


To conclude, these are 5 reasons you should do Israel patent search. To put it simple, a simple search takes several minutes and it can help you save money and time in the long run, as well as to avoid copyright infringement lawsuits. Moreover, a patent search can also help you improve your product and know your competitors better.

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