Understanding Academic Papers and Essays

Understanding Academic Papers and EssaysThe invention of the internet helps college/ university graduates and/ or students to exchange information and how-to tips with students who are struggling in their academic life. Surveys have shown that one of the biggest challenges that a college/ university student or a high school student applying for a seat in a college or university can have is academic writing. Unlike composing an e-mail or a text message, academic writing is more formal in tone, more intricate in writing technique and requires perseverance to finish.

On the bright side, students who are able to compose academic essay/ paper properly are deemed as well-educated by the society in general, including by many potential employers. At the least, that is what the society perceives. This is the reason we have academic institutions that teach academic writing and business writing and course providers that offer English for Academic Purpose courses. What makes academic writing assignments challenging, even daunting for students?

Well, for one reason, academic writing includes the ability to compose a well-researched material into a neatly arranged essay or paper. There are other reasons, including demands for the final result to be easy to read, engaging, and original. This means, when a lecturer or admission officer checks a student’s essay or paper for plagiarism using software, the written work should be declared as original by the software.

Hence, whether students want to apply to a prestigious higher education institution or just need to pass a final paper panel, students need to realize that there is no easy path in overcoming the dread of academic writing. If one wants to write an engaging paper or essay, one needs to have a lot of determination and commitment to hone the skill. Because writing is a skill that you learn and sharpen throughout the years, you don’t have to give up on practicing your writing skill. But most importantly, you should not be easily satisfied with your current writing ability.

But the problem, not many students these days have the time to spend hours in the library looking for collections of essays or papers from other students. Meanwhile, to improve your writing skill, you need to read a lot of essays, papers, articles and books. Reading helps add your vocabulary and your ability to build a theater of image in the mind of the reader.

Because the same sentence can be read in different ways, resulting in different interpretation, it is important for a student to know how you write paragraphs with a good flow so that readers will associate your sentence with the previous sentence(s) and the following ones. If you are hesitant about how to write an essay or paper, you can browse around for websites that display free essays and papers. Search for topics that are similar to the essay/ paper you are going to write and see how other authors create image in the mind of the readers. Learn how they do it and write your first draft quickly. Read it, revise it, and ask for the help of a custom writing service, so you can get impeccable paper/ essay that is grammatically correct and you can improve your writing by seeing where you have made mistakes.

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