Earn a Degree while Working Full Time

Earn a Degree while Working Full TimeThe US Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows that education still pays. Depending on the major you decide to take, your future career and personal finance will be affected by it. Hence, you may want to earn a university degree if you have not earned it once you graduated from high school. According to the BLS report, unemployment rate in 2012 for people with less than a high school diploma was up to 12.4 percent and the median weekly earnings was around $471. It means the majority of people who hold high school certificate and do not own a business may have to live from paycheck to paycheck and have difficulties making ends meet.

The good news, unemployment rate for people with at least a Bachelor’s degree was 4.5 percent, Master’s degree was 3.5 percent, and professional degree was 2.1 percent. On the median weekly earnings, people with Bachelor’s degree earned an average of $1,066 and people with at least a Master’s degree earned an average of $1,300 in 2012. If you currently have a full time job but you want to earn a higher education degree, you may want to enroll to an online academic program at a well-respected university so you can manage your time and tasks better.

Online education, popularly known as distance learning, opens up opportunities for people who want to pursue a university degree but do not have the flexibility to attend day classes and/ or other conventional university academic activities. If you want to study and work full-time at the same time, here are some of the tips that can help you manage your time.
1. Plan your week ahead.

By planning your to-do-list in advance you can find out how to handle your tasks in between your leisure time or slow schedule, so when the busier days come, you don’t have to worry about academic assignments.

2. Aim to be proactive in your learning.

Even if your professors have not taught you about a topic, if it is in the curriculum/ lesson plan, you may want to learn it yourself during your spare time. This will give you some background and information when they finally give you the materials. This way, you can use your time to also focus on your work instead of spending all your energy and time studying the new material.

3. Plan to take a break.

Sometimes, the pressures of academic life can be too much to handle. This can blur your focus and leave you feeling exhausted. Plan to take a break at the end of a tri semester and give yourself a reward for pursuing a degree while maintaining your full-time job.

Online programs enable you to learn from the comfort of your own, at a time when you are most ready to learn. If you are wondering how to manage your time while you work full-time and earn your degree, you can browse the internet to find articles and tips about time management.

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