Careers that Can Help Make a Difference

Careers that Can Help Make a DifferenceNot everyone is motivated by money. While the majority of careers that are available are driven by the desire to make a profit, there are many career options for those who wish to make a difference. Whether it be making a difference in an individual’s life, their local community – or the world at large – you can find a career that will help you achieve your difference making dreams. Instead of following the established path of pursuing a degree solely for the purpose of making a profit, you can choose a degree that will lead to a difference making career.

What Does it Mean to Make a Difference?

The term ‘make a difference’ is quite broad and can be take in many ways. However, this broad definition is what makes this general goal so great. You can choose any number of degrees from Lewis University Online that will directly lead you to a career that will help you make a difference. What is your definition of ‘making a difference’?

  • Do you wish to help positively impact an individual’s life?
  • Do you wish to help solve a certain societal problem, such as homelessness or abuse?
  • Do you wish to help fight poverty in other countries?

Ideal Careers for Difference Makers

After you’ve defined what making a difference means to you, you’re ready to start considering various careers that will help you on your career pathway. Below are a small handful of careers that specifically help other people:

  • Nonprofit Manager.A nonprofit organization is, just like their for profit counterparts, a complex organization filled with a plethora of people in different job positions. At every level, people need to be managed to help effectively operate the nonprofit organization. Pursuing a leadership degree is a perfect way to prepare yourself for this career.
  • Healthcare Worker. Every job position within the healthcare industry will make a difference. Whether you are a nurse, doctor or administrator, you will be making a difference in the lives of thousands of people throughout your career. You will be helping those who are sick receive treatment and become well.
  • Social Worker.A social worker can work in a multitude of different capacities to help those in need. They may develop community programs, work on a one-to-one basis or administrate programs. Earning a social justice degree will prepare you for each of these capacities and allow you to take a hands on helping role.

As you decide that you wish to forge a career that will make a difference, keep in mind the education qualifications that it will require. Pursuing the right degree will help you make a great difference in the lives of countless individuals.

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